You’d think that organising a carnival would be pretty straightforward, wouldn’t you? Well there’s more to organising 60 floats and 1,000 or more people in a parade through the centre of Newbury on a July afternoon than meets the eye.  For example:

We need to raise money –  to pay for insurance, publicity, street entertainers, security and road signs to start with.

We need to tell people what’s happening – as well as making sure that people know the Carnival is taking place, we have to ensure that each entrant knows all the details of where to be and when and how to ensure their floats are safe, and the media need to be kept up to date;

We need lots of stewards on the day – since we need to keep everyone safe, participants and public, and make sure that everyone knows where they’re going and what’s happening; and this year, with a bigger Carnival and additional health & safety regulations, we need even more stewards than before;

and that’s by no means all!


So we really do need as many people as possible to help the organising team make this year’s event another great success.

Join us

If you’d like to play a part, please email us via hello@newburycarnival.info and let us know how you would like to help. If you’d like to join the team that organises the event we will invite you to one of our monthly meetings. If you’d like to help on the day as a steward or in another capacity we’d also be delighted to hear from you.