Carnival Control Centre

Many people have asked us if we could give them a glimpse of the workings of the Carnival Control Centre, which, as regular visitors will know, is located in a nuclear blast proof bunker 200 feet below Greenham Common.

During the run-up to a Carnival the CCC buzzes with activity at all hours of the day.  The Met team are particularly busy, as you can see, and are under a lot of pressure to ensure good weather on the big day.  Route Control spend many hours re-running simulations of the parade while the Carnival Fete and Parade Coordinator’s staff work calmly on their e-comms desks acknowledging new entrants and assigning slots to them using their sophisticated online systems.

With thanks to help from NASA, all the CCC’s systems have been fully upgraded this year so we’re looking forward to using them for the first time on the big day itself.  Exciting, isn’t it? If you’d like to find out more about what happens in ‘the bunker’, as it’s known to the team, click here for a glimpse of the vital work of the Carnival Steerage Team.

carnival mission control CCC copy

We hope that you find these glimpses behind the scenes of Newbury Carnival interesting and look forward to seeing you at the next Newbury Carnival, which is due to take place on Sunday 5th July. If you haven’t seen it so far you might also like to look at the film of the 1935 carnival which you can find here.